The mysteries of the sea are many. Man has dredged up many of the mysteries of the sea, but there are so many things left unknown about the sea, that we can only wonder at what is down there. Deep diving equipment is being developed that hopefully can reach to the bottom of the deepest trench. I love to see films made in and on the ocean, and exult in the great Creator Who had so much imagination that He was able to create millions of different little things and large for the beauty of the earth and seas, and for His own glory. The oceans are God=s great aquariums in which He keeps His marvelous creatures. The oceans have the same elements in them that the crust of the earth has in it. Oxygen and hydrogen, of course, are the most common elements in sea water, but there is also gold, lead, and many other elements. Sea water is about 11% hydrogen, 9% oxygen, 11% sodium, and 19% chlorine. It is interesting to note that there is a great deal of chlorine in sea water. The rest of sea water is the various elements found in the soil on dry land.

I do not believe the sea was created with minerals in it. I believe God created pure drinking water. It seems to me that when the flood occurred, that all of the water on the earth, in the earth, and above the earth mixed together, and when the water drained off the land, it took the elements with it into what would be the briny oceans. The flood would have been a curse to the sea as the fall of Adam was a curse to the land. Just a thought.

According to my Compton=s Encyclopedia, billions of years ago the red-hot earth was covered with clouds, and as the earth cooled, rains fell to Earth for millions of years. This modern myth, like nearly all myths, has a certain ring of truth to it, but it is only a myth. The Bible, which is the only reasonable source of information about the origin of Earth, tells us that the newly created earth was enclosed in a water canopy, and that sixteen hundred years after creation, the water was precipitated to Earth as rain – rain which lasted for 40 days and nights and covered the earth. .No one can know scientifically how Earth began, or what the world was like in the distant past. We can learn a great deal. But what we learn as truth cannot be used to contradict the Bible. The Bible has been thoroughly scrutinized by all sorts of people. No one has ever found it to be wrong in anything it asserts to be true; therefore, it should be accepted as a reliable record.

The Bible says, “The sea is his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land.”

Was not the Red Sea His when it opened to permit His children to walk across on dry ground? It was not Edom=s sea even though it was called red, and it was not Egypt=s sea although it washed her shores. It was God=s sea. Declared Spurgeon, AThe Lord on high reigned supreme over the flood, as King forever and ever. So is it with the broad ocean, whether known as the Atlantic or Pacific, Mediterranean or Arctic; no man can map it out and say, >’Tis mine.= The illimitable acreage of waters knows no other lord but God alone. Far down in vast abysses, where no eye of man has gazed, or foot of diver has descended, he is sole proprietor.@

The Galilean sea did not belong to Caesar, because it was to Jesus Christ it knelt in quiet reverence when He commanded that it be still. Like an obedient servant, it supported the soles of the Savior=s divine feet as He walked across its tempestuous surface. The Sea of Galilee was God=s sea. No wonder the psalmist shouted,

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”

I believe the English Channel is God=s sea because it rose up and destroyed the Spanish Armada that had been sent by the Pope to conquer England, and God did not intend for Rome to rule England. Neptune is but a phantom; God is the ruler of the sea.

The sea and the dry land are in perfect accord with the atmosphere that covers both, that a nearly perfect system for the habitation of the earth is assured. Before the curse, these three parts of nature were in such perfect harmony that life on Earth was assured of never suffering sickness or death. Two thirds of the earth=s surface is water. The surface of this water gives off minute particles which form as rain clouds, and are carried over the land mass where it drops as rain to bring forth the plant life that the creatures on the land depend upon for their sustenance.

There is exactly the right balance between the amount of water, land, and atmosphere. God is good and God is sovereign, therefore He made everything good for human and animal life.

So magnificent is the thought that God owns the land and sea that the psalmist sings,

“O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods. In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength of the hills is his also. The sea is his, and he made it: and his hands formed the dry land. O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker. For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand.”

\\The ocean can be very dangerous. We remember the exciting story of Acts 27, when the Apostle Paul was on a ship driven around in the Mediterranean Sea. I remember being on a troop ship coming home from Europe after WWII. When we rounded the southern tip of England and went out into the Atlantic, the ocean was fierce. The ship rolled so that we could not go on deck, and I became so sick I wished for death as a relief. For days I didn=t know what was up and what was down. The sight of food was like being hit in the stomach with a wrecking ball. Food trays would sail up and down the table like demon skate boards, and clang to the floor scattering garbage everywhere. Untold thousands of people have been drowned in the oceans.
God said the wicked were like the troubled sea. It is found in Isaiah 57:20,

“But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.”

The unredeemed are like the ocean before a typhoon. They get no rest in matters of the inward man. Their lives cast up dirt and mire of selfishness and immaturity. The pain of unbelievers can be evaluated by the sort of asinine foolishness they watch on the TV. Anything the producers of TV broadcast, people will sit and gaze at, prodded to laugh by laugh tracks that are run along with the program. God had these people pegged when He declared that wicked men are men of perverse disputings,

” . . . men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing the gain is godliness . . . “(I Timothy 6:5).

The attitude today seems to be, AI=ll go to any length or depth if you just won=t make me think of eternity.@ The music people listen to is bad enough to make them think of Hell in a better light. Surely Hell can=t be so bad if such sounds can be produced on Earth.

Hear what the Lord has to say about apostate liberal ministers in the ministry today. He says that they are

“Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever . . . ” (Jude 13).

What a fearful indictment! God be merciful to people who are exposed to such satanic individuals. People claiming to be ministers of the Gospel are not the only people who are an eternal threat to the unsuspecting. With access to social media, atheism, Evolution, and many such unbelievers have access to the minds of fellow humans. Denial of God and His word is gaining mass just like a great snow ball rolling down the Matterhorn. Holding great positions of influence and prestige, they lend themselves to the workers of iniquity, to pollute and contaminate every aspect of the Bible and its message of salvation and grace to humankind.

I think of men who have gotten themselves ordained, and have gained a place in a church, even a pseudo-fundamentalist church, and then given themselves to witness for evolutionists, taking the witness stand to testify that evolution and the Bible are compatible. These are the blind leading the blind into perdition.

My blog is tormented by atheists who use it to spread their poisonous propaganda to my readers. Sodomites, who used to have enough self respect to keep their sexual perversions to themselves, now broadcast their dirt and devilment to the world with no shame. I heard on Crosstalk (http://www.vcyamerica.org/radio.htm) that Ruth Ginsberg (Supreme Court) just performed a gay “wedding” between the head of the Kennedy Center, and another man. Excuse me while I puke.

The rolling sea casts up dirt and mire. Some of this stuff looks like pure gold. Television producers have almost unlimited funds to work with. They are able to produce cartoons to substitute for factual evidence. God will allow man to make a mockery of His creative works while He pleads with him to repent and enter into eternal life. God’s great plan for the ages is to give man ample opportunities to repent and believe. Man takes God=s glory unto himself when he creates myths about the origin of the oceans and seas. But the oceans belong to God. They are called Ainternational waters,@ but that, too, is an error unless we see the term as meaning Man is the steward of the seas.

The vast oceans seem endless, just as God’s grace is endless. We who have faith can be encouraged because we have more evidence for the truth and reality of the God we serve because our God is the only God the world attacks. All other gods are wood or stone or imagination, and the world acknowledges that by their hatred of our God. Like the great oceans God is never still. He is watching constantly, day and night, morning and evening, for our souls. We are the sheep of His pasture, and he leads us in His will where we can find great joy serving Him; whether in sickness or pain, in sunshine or rain; he is our joy and comfort in this wicked world. Praise His holy name.:


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At 83 I love the Bible and writing about it.
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2 Responses to GOD’S OCEANS PSALM 954-6

  1. James Mark Marbut says:

    I so wish Dr Kennedy would lay off the ‘High Colonics’ as he continues to have massive bowel movements as evidence by yet another blog post absolutely replete with intentional and ignorance misinformation….

    Joe the deepest Trench, The Mariana Trench was first explored by the Trieste in 1960, and recently the director James Cameron went to the bottom of the trench in the Deepsea Challenger in 2012. The Cameron dive was all over the news, and anyone who has read anything about the ocean depths would know about the dive of the Trieste…. Your source material is somewhat dated…

    Oh, FYI you should not be surprised that Chlorine is present in the Oceans… What do you think salt is? Any elementary school child could tell you that salt, is made up of Sodium and Chlorine.. NaCl……

    Apparently Dr Kennedy does not realize that salt water fish and fresh water fish cannot cross into the two environments without difficulty… When logic and evidence is not used any hypothesis seems viable… Translation: One can pull anything out of ones ars and call it gold! Apparently, according to Joseph’s hypothesis, the fish created on the fifth day of creation were fresh water fish!

    In bringing up the Oceans depths you intersect with Geology specifically plate tectonics, which is the cause of the deepest trench in the ocean;The Marianas Trench…This trench was formed, if one accepts Geology, as the Pacific Plate dives under the Philippine Plate. As the Pacific plate dives under the Philippine Plate, it rolls up the Philippine plate producing the deep trench.. Of course, Dr Kennedy must deny the validity of plate tectonics and must attribute the evidence of plate tectonics as a function of the mysterious and humanly unfathomable, will of God… Never mind that the entirety if the science of geology explains the evidence we find on the planet without a supernatural explanation…

    If one is willing to step up and declare that an entire science discipline is a result of human folly, delusion, or conspiracy, one should have better evidence than a belief based on an interpretation of a Bronze age text…

    Using Dr Kennedy’s thought process ( OR LACK OF SAME!) he could step forward and deny the germ theory of disease and attribute all disease to the Biblical explanation for disease; that disease is a manifestation of sin… What would be the difference? The Bible is very clear that disease is a manifestation of Sin….. Your wife’s Breast cancer, your husbands heart disease, your daughters acne, grandma’s hemorrhoids, and your baby’s colic is a physical manifestation of sin….

    Dr Kennedy, on many occasions, has described the Biblical Cosmology of the Firmament. and in his story has even postulated a shell of water ice some distance above the planet, which increased the surface pressure of the Earth and increased oxygen levels, creating a pre-fall Eden. Never mind that he never explains how this increased pressure and oxygen content would accomplish the Eden World he describes.. He has described that this Shell of water ice, miraculously held around the Earth, was melted by God, causing Noah’s flood. (He never answers where that huge amount of water went as the flood subsided.) In short, Dr Kennedy just pulls this absolutely naked hypothesis out of his bum, and makes a declaration that this coprolite is pure gold…

    This stupidity and volumes more is what Dr Kennedy wanted to teach your children and grand- children in his release time classes that he wanted so badly…

    Dr Kennedy, a holder of a earned Masters Degree in Education from the University of Alabama, ( makes me question the standards there!) is willing to say anything, willing to write anything that he can imagine to have his beloved doctrine work.. He is willing to declare millions of scientist, of each discipline which dares to deny his positions, to be nothing more than rubes, utter and complete fools, or worse, minions of Satan… He has done this ,many, many times in his missives. Yet as I have pointed out many times, Dr Kennedy enjoys the fruits of every single science discipline that he insist are delusions, illusions, or product of a Satanic conspiracy. So much for personal integrity…..Live without those technologies and maybe you would have some integrity! The man does not have any! And what does Dr Kennedy offer as evidence for his ultra-extreme minority position?

    His interpretation of the Bible…. That is it! That’s all!

    Dr Kennedy in the above post declares that the Bible has never been proved wrong in anything it asserts to be true.. Now that statement is just an indicator of the complete ignorance of the Bibles assertions. I invite any of you to pick up your Bible and do a little reading…

    My favorite Biblical assertion that is absolutely and totally wrong is in the story of Jacob while working for his father-n-law bred goats/cattle to have strips, spots, or streaks… And how does the Bible say what Jacob did to breed goats/cattle with the coat pattern he desired? Jacob cut down some trees, stripped the bark into streaks or strips and positioned the rods so that when the female goats/cattle came to drink water, and were bred by the male they would be looking at the rods… I wonder if some Biblical literalist has used this technique to select traits into a herd? I bet some idiot following Dr Kennedy’s mindset, has tried….Does the bible teach about genes as being the mechanism for inheritance?
    — No!—
    The inerrant, Holy Bible teaches that physical characteristics like the coat of the animal is governed by what the animals are looking at, while in sexual union…. Do we really need to test this to see that it is absolute stupidity?

    I really expected Dr Kennedy to know his Bible better, but in reality, he is like every Biblical literalist I have conversed with…. They start with doctrine, what ever that may be, and select scripture to support their beloved doctrine……

    Making statement like this, from the post above:

    ” The Bible has been thoroughly scrutinized by all sorts of people. No one has ever found it to be wrong in anything it asserts to be true; therefore, it should be accepted as a reliable record.”

    Just indicates just how ignorant Dr Kennedy is about the Bible…. That is bad enough, but Dr Kennedy goes one step more…. He desired to teach your children this rot as a viable alternative to science…

    Do you really want your progeny to be that misinformed and dumb… If you do, then there is an easier way… Supplement your children and grandchildren diet with some lead and mercury!!!

    James Mark Marbut

  2. James Mark Marbut says:

    From the blog post above:

    “My blog is tormented by atheists who use it to spread their poisonous propaganda to my readers.”

    I guess anyone reading this blog knows that Dr Kennedy is referring to me.. Dr Kennedy apparently thinks, or has thought in the past, that atheist were people that stayed in the shadows, afraid of being outed in the public… People which Dr Kennedy does his best to revile at almost every opportunity. Its easy for him to ‘poison the well’ by taking advantage of the ignorance of the public of what a atheist/secular humanist actually are. Preachers that have been to college and seminary have been taught what a secular humanist actually is, but it is in their interest to keep you scared and promote a stereotype that views us as monsters that would eat your babies if given the chance. Dr Kennedy believes that since we atheist/secular humanist do not believe in his imaginary sky daddy, and fear his declaration that we will burn in Hell for our disbelief, that we are people of low moral fiber… In other blog post he goes as far as to say that unbelievers have no ability to determine a right action from a wrong one, they have no moral compass, simply because we do not have a fear of Hell to motivate us to be moral… He has said that atheist/unbelievers are due to their unbelief are incapable of keeping a promise or oath… I would guess that he would agree that an atheist could not be reliable witness in a court of law..

    I ask you dear reader, is the fear of an eternal hell the only reason you do not rape, murder, tell lies, be a drunkard, cheat on your wife, or any of the other works of the flesh? If that is the only reason then I am am glad you have religion and that fear of eternal torment to moderate your behavior, because you are extremely scary… Please never lose your faith! Stay where you are and ignore my pleas to think about your beliefs… Because if it keeps you from committing these horrible acts listed you NEED religion…

    The rest of you that would live a moral life without the fear of hell as a stick being held over your head, you are the people I wish to reach…. I am just like you… I take great pains to evaluate my actions to determine the moral path… I guess it comes down to the definition of morality…. Morality in a nutshell is the intention to do the least harm. Morality is not some master list of do’s and don’ts. Anyone contemplating the 10 Commandments at any depth should see that. For instance, one of the 10 commandments is, “Thou shall not covet”. A very simple and straightforward Command from God…. Can any of you imagine a Capitalistic system that did not function primarily due to people coveting the possessions of another? But coveting is wrong……That is what the Bible says! How many of you have looked at your neighbors house or car, and wanted the same for yourself? That is coveting! Big No! No!

    Another of the top ten is , “Honor your father and mother”. Again a straightforward Commandment! Should a parent which beats or sexually molest his daughter.. Should she be held to that Commandment? Oh, I do hope you dear reader agree that following that Commandment is wrong! If you do, you are one scary !@#$%&*!

    I have provided two examples from the 10 Commandments that should give you pause concerning how you view a moral act….. At least I hope so! Morality cannot be a roll-a- dex, or card catalog of master do’s and don’t’s… It requires viewing the situation… Well that is what a secular humanist does! Evaluate the situation and apply the concept of committing the least harm…

    I bet you view morality more like myself than you thought!

    Dr Kennedy just loves to declare as absolute truth any naked assertion that comes to his mind, no matter how contrary it is to rational facts… He is a man that starts with what he KNOWS to be the truth and searches scripture to find a suitable Biblical foundation, and declares with authority that his particular interpretation is the unadulterated word of God…. Typical! I guess Dr Kennedy and like thinkers, (dear reader are you one of them?) never actually questions their own dearly held beliefs. However they are obtained, most faith beliefs have no more foundation than a faith belief of another believer sect or denomination that Dr Kennedy would find in error, or outside Gods will. That is why they are called a faith belief… As long as one is in that realm no evidence, no matter how logically clean, and evidential, may affect it… A faith belief is always impervious to rational thought, and viewed by the believer like an investor views a AAA bond. Its as good as money!!!!

    But one problem exist in this mindset…. Other beliefs which share the exact same book come to wildly different conclusions from its pages… How does one handle this problem? If you are a conservative, Biblical literalist, Christian, well you declare the other faith beliefs as products of Satan’s influence, and you now have the problem tied up in a big bow…

    Do any of you people alone with your thoughts really believe this?

    You do not have to suspend your rational mind to be a moral person! You do not have to have two minds, one for the secular world and another for religion…

    You can be a good person and not be a slave to a faith belief.. Just be good for goodness sake!

    James Mark Marbut

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